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We will take every legal recourse possible against them. Please understand that spammers often promote legitimate websites like this one, in an attempt to receive affiliate fees for referred sales. Even the largest websites like ebay.com, and Amazon.com have to deal with this problem. If you forward the email to us, we can track down the spammer through their affiliate link, and immediately have them removed from our affiliate program. Our affiliate program is run through a third party that has very strict anti-spam rules. Once notified they will immediately terminate the affiliates membership and they will receive no commissions on sales made. This works well in stopping the spam, as once they are removed and will not receive their pay, they stop! So please forward us the email and we can stop them instantly.

SPAM Policy
Six Figure Yearly.com does not use or tolerate SPAM!
Any affiliate that uses SPAM to promote "Six Figure Yearly" will be immediately and forever removed from the affiliate program and will not receive commissions on any sales made.

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