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Initial Sale of Six Figure Yearly = $34.00

Initial Sale of Upsell = $75.00

Upsell Recurring Commission = $15.00/mo.

Fact: 40% of customers buy upsell product.

This is ADDITION to the $34 on the Six Figure Program!

Here are the details:

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4
Six Figure
Yearly Sales

100 at $34 = $3400

100 at $34 = $3400

100 at $34 = $3400

100 at $34 = $3400
Product Sales

40 at $75 = $3000

40 at $75 = $3000

40 at $75 = $3000

40 at $75 = $3000




Recurring From
Previous  Month

This period: 0$

40 at $15 = $600

80 at $15 = $1200

120 at $15 = $1800
Below is an example of your earnings with just 25 Six Figure Yearly Program sales in one week.  It shows you what you would make on the sale of the Six Figure Yearly Program and also the recurring product commissions.  The recurring sales are figured at 40%.  This is the current percentage of people that purchase the recurring product.
At the rate above, if you stopped promoting after a year, you would still have over $7,200 A MONTH coming in in recurring commissions!

This example above is very conservative.

Average people (non-experts), have been selling 10 a day. If you sold 10 a day, you would have $3,720 in recurring commissions after only three months!  You could literally stop promoting after only three months and earn $3,720 a month!

Below, is an example of one of my best affiliates who sold 442 in one month and made $19,859!  He made this BEFORE I was able to offer this product new product.  I just wish I had the recurring product for him back then. If I did, they would have earned an additional $13275.00 and $2655.00 in recurring commissions every month!  The "amount" ($19.12) below, was what I kept, not the Affiliate:
We know there are a lot of programs for you to join and be a part of.  So here are some highlights about Six Figure Yearly that we think you should know:

  • In 2008, we were in the top .01% of all earners at ClickBank (Premier Client)
  • Expert sales page that sells incredibly well.
  • Recurring product that pays you additional monthly commissions.
  • One of the highest total commissions in all of ClickBank.
  • Earn a total of almost $124.00 a sale!
  • A 40% conversion rate on the recurring back end product.
  • A recurring product that people see value in. This equals less cancellations.
  • We are NOT going anywhere.
  • We now have 3 people dedicated for customer service!
  • We appreciate you and would not be where we are without you!

Getting started is easy:

Please follow the instructions below to begin promoting this amazing program:

How to become a Six Figure Yearly Affiliate:

Step 1: Sign up for your free ClickBank Account
Signing up is free and easy.  Just go to the following we address to sign up with them. If you already have a ClickBank account, you can use your current Nickname.
Your nickname is your log in ID (not your password).

Click Here to sign up with ClickBank

Step 2: Write down your Affiliate Web Page link:
Final step is easy.  When you created your account, you picked a nickname.  This is what you will use to log into your account and also use in your links to link you to your sales.  Get out a piece of paper and something to write with. Below you will see a web address. 

All you is replace the red text that says "YourClickbankNicknameGoesHere" with your nickname.  So, if when you signed up you used "johndoe" as your nickname, you would put that in place of : “YourClickbankNicknameGoesHere“.  So do it now, write down the following address replacing the red text with your nickname. (no spaces)



HELP: If your nickname is "JOHNDOE" your hoplink would look like this:


Now test your link.  Open up a Internet Explorer window and type the address you wrote down into the address bar.


When you do this and press enter, you should see an exact duplicate page as www.sixfigureyearly.com.  It is supposed to look the same. The difference is, it is now being tracked for you by ClickBank.  So if they order, you get $34 right away.

Plus, when they purchase the recurring product inside, you will receive an additional $75 right away and then every month!

Even if the customer visits your page and leave and come back later (up to 90 days from then) you still get credit!  Even if they just simply go to www.sixfigureyearly.com!  That is great for you. It means you will not lose a commission if they don't decide to buy right away.

Your done. Welcome to our affiliate program!

Affiliate Tools:
Below you will find helpful tools to use to promote this web site.  We have included a pop-under window that will open your affiliate page and also some banner ads you can place on your web site!

Pop - Under Java Script:
Below is a Java script you can use to have our web site pop-under yours. Once they close your page, they will be on ours!  It works really well.  Just copy and paste the Java script below and import it into your site.

ATTENTION: Make sure you replace the xxxxx in the script with your ClickBank Nickname.
<script language="JavaScript">
var popunder="http://xxxxx.sixfigprog.hop.clickbank.net/ "
function loadpopunder(){
Below is the Pop Under script for you to copy:
Banner Ads:
Below are different banner ads you can place on your site. When they click on them, they will be sent to our site and you will receive 50% if they join! Just change the xxxxx in the code to your ClickBank Nickname and copy and paste the HTML code on your site where you want it. There are a few different sizes and styles to choose from.

ATTENTION: Make sure you replace the xxxxx in the script with your ClickBank Nickname.
Banner 1: 468 x 60
HTML code:
<a href="http://XXXXX.sixfigprog.hop.clickbank.net"><img src="http://www.sixfigureyearly2012.com/banner-1.gif"
Banner 2: 468 x 60
HTML code:
<a href="http://XXXXX.sixfigprog.hop.clickbank.net"><img src="http://www.sixfigureyearly2012.com/banner-2.gif"
Affiliate Help Center:

AFFILIATES ONLY PLEASE. If you are an Affiliate and you have a question for us, please fill out the form below and click "submit". We would love to here from you about JV or what we can do to help you!  If you sell enough, we will talk to you on the phone too!
Banner 3: 468 x 60
HTML code:
<a href="http://XXXXX.sixfigprog.hop.clickbank.net"><img src="http://www.sixfigureyearly2012.com/banner-3.gif"
Banner 4: 468 x 60
HTML code:
<a href="http://XXXXX.sixfigprog.hop.clickbank.net"><img src="http://www.sixfigureyearly2012.com/banner-4.gif"
HTML code:
<a href="http://XXXXX.sixfigprog.hop.clickbank.net"><img src="http://www.sixfigureyearly2012.com/banner-6.gif"
Banner 5: 250 x 188 Screen Shot Thumbnail
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Your email address:

Your question or comment:
For years, we have had a back end product that we were up selling people that improved their results with this program.  We so wanted to offer this product for you as affiliates but never were able to get our friends at ClickBank to approve it.  We always knew that it was a great product for the customer, ClickBank and also our company.

Due to our huge success in, I managed to build a great relationship with an associate at ClickBank who stood with us in getting this product approved.  Now that it is approved, I am so excited to let all of you know that you can now be paid on it in addition to the commission you receive on the initial sale of the program!

Here are the facts:

  • The recurring product offered to our customers inside, makes them more successful.
  • Our recurring product sells 4 out of 10 customers. That is 40%
  • The initial product sale pays you $75 commission on top of the $34 you earn when someone buys the Six Figure Yearly program.
  • You are also paid a $16 commission every month until they cancel.
  • Customers don't usually cancel this recurring product because it works well for them and makes them more money!

What is a recurring product?

Let me explain for some of you that are really new to all of this.

Lets start by explaining how this all works.  When you refer someone to Six Figure Yearly by way of your hoplink through ClickBank, and that customer purchases, you will earn 50% of the current selling price of this program = $34.00

I will explain ClickBank and what a hoplink is in a moment.

Our new Affiliate program now allows you to make additional commissions on the same customer.  They bought the initial program and you earned $34.  Then they read through the program and buy the other product inside that will pay you an additional $75. 

This product that pays you $75 has a monthly charge to the customer of $29.95.  They are billed for this every month. This means that every month, when the customer is billed $29.95, you earn 50% of that as well.
Here is what you can make:
Why should you promote Six Figure Yearly?
We also utilize Intellichat & support to increase conversions.
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